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Dating and ways to survive it - Moving Quickly On

Moving Quickly On

As mentioned at the beginning, dating take a lot of energy. As such, it is important that we conserve as much energy as we can for us to be able to endure what can be a really difficult process. I won't repeat all the potential pitfalls here, as I do not want to put you off. One thing I would suggest is that there is absolutely no point in putting our energy in to something that is not right for us in one way or another.


Firstly, if someone likes us then they will put the effort in. Within reason, they will respond to the messages we send, they will want to see us within a reasonable amount of time, they will make suggestions for further dates, and they will also send us messages or call. If we find we are always the one that is making the effort, I would question that. Think about it in the long-term. If we are always the one that makes the effort, how will that impact on our self-esteem moving forward? If we embark on relationships because we lack self-esteem, how will dating someone like that improve our self-esteem?

Moving Quickly On

Watching energy

It is important to watch our energy levels when embarking on dating, as it can be exhausting. I suggest we move between periods of time when we make a lot of effort and periods of time off. This can be days, weeks, or months. However, it is important to get back to it if our goal is to find someone. It is common that we avoid looking for love because of a multitude of reasons but after years of being alone, we use this 'being alone' as evidence of being unlovable. And then we avoid looking for love because we feel we are unlovable and round we go in a circle.


Keeping motivated

It can be so difficult to keep motivated when it seems that all our efforts are fruitless. It is also hard to be relentlessly positive in the face of rejection. In fact, it is virtually impossible. There is not really an easy answer to this, but I would re-read the blog on attraction, 'it’s a numbers game' and moving on quickly. The person you are looking for and who also is looking for you is out there.... you just have to find them.


If it’s not working…research suggests not physical attraction. Maybe ask friends to choose.

Alongside the above, I would also make sure that we are not being overly judgemental or have unrealistic expectations. That is not to say that we should settle but research suggests that many long-term relationships started as friendships or with people we were not attracted to and then one day we see them in a different light, or something shifts, and we see something we did not see before.


This is one of the reasons why I think internet dating can be problematic. We have lists of what we are looking for and often do not meet with people unless they fit exactly. But we forget that if we meet someone that seems perfect on paper...there might be no chemistry at all. But at times we meet individuals that do not tick all our boxes but there is something about them that draws our attention.

Moving Quickly On

Top dating tips: Moving quickly on.

Manage the exhaustion of dating by moving between times when we give it our all and times when we find other ways of nourishing ourselves. Try to keep motivated. Remember the person you are looking for is out there. You just have to find them. If you are struggling to find someone, ask friends what they think about your approach. Are you dismissing perfectly lovely individuals just because they don’t fit exactly?

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