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Dating and ways to survive it

Updated: Mar 19

Dating and ways to survive it

I have had so many conversations over the years about peoples’ experience of dating I thought it was about time this was shared in the hope it will make us all feel a little more normal when we attempt to navigate the dating conundrum. We only have to listen to music, look at social media or watch a film to see how fundamental it is for us all to find the perfect partner. Indeed, evolution has pushed us in this direction to keep our species going. Why then is it that when we are really attracted to someone, we find we get tongue-tied and blush in ways we never do in other areas of life? Evolution got that wrong for sure!  

We cannot, unfortunately, snap our fingers and be everything to everyone and wishing that were so will just make us disappointed and may also stop us from trying. So, given that we have to accept that things are far from ideal, the blogs in this series will hopefully give you some ideas and knowledge on how to approach dating and make sure your next relationship is the best it can possibly be.


I will break this down into different stages and provide top tips along the way.

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