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What is CBT?

Updated: Jun 19

What is CBT?

You have probably heard of CBT and if you have not, it is something that has been found, time and again, to help individuals overcome certain difficulties.

There are actually four elements to it. The 'cognitive' element focuses on our thoughts and how they can be helpful and unhelpful to us. The 'behavioural' elements looks at what we do or do not do, depending on how we see ourselves, others and the world. There are two other elements, which are not apparent in the phrase: the 'mood' element and the 'physical' element. Mood relates to how we feel: happy, sad, guilty, fearful, worried, surprised, angry, etc. The physical element looks at how our body responds physically to a particular mood. So, for example, in anxiety we may feel a raised heart beat. In low mood we may feel a lack of energy. CBT helps individuals to understand all of these different elements and then provides strategies to help improve lives.

These blogs are going to help you to understand anxiety more and it will provide you with a step-by-step program to help you to manage it better.  Psychologists have been studying this system and ways to help for decades and some of this knowledge and understanding will now be past to you. If you know of anyone else who may benefit, please do share the details with them.

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